Calpol Six Plus Sugar Free Suspension Liquid 200ml

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Calpol Six Plus Sugar Free Suspension Liquid 200ml


Calpol Six Plus Sugar Free Suspension Liquid is specially formulated to relieve pain and fever and is suitable for children ages 6 years and above. Its strawberry flavour makes it easy for your child to take and easy for them to swallow.

  •     Suitable for children aged 6 years plus
  •     Relieves pain
  •     Reduces fever
  •     Original and Sugar free varieties
  •     Available in bottles, sachets and fastmelts
  •     Each pack contains a measuring spoon

How to Use:

  • Not recommended for children under 6 years
  • Children 6-12 years – one to two 5ml spoonfuls every four hours
  • Adults and children over 12 years – two to four spoonfuls every four hours
  • Leave at least 4 hours between doses
  • Do not use more that 4 doses each day
  • Do not give your child this medicine for more than 3 days without speaking to your doctor


 Orange flavoured suspension containing 5ml Paracetamol 250mg.


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