Dry Hair

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Phyto 7 Hydrating Day Cream With 7 Plants 50ml
Active Ingredients: PHYTO 7 is a unique formulation with 7 plant extracts selected for their ..
Phyto Huile D' Ales Intense Hydrating Oil Treatment 5 Ampoules Of 10ml
Created in 1968, this unique water-soluble original formula, named after the founder hi..
Phyto PhytoJoba Intense Hydrating Brilliance Mask 200ml
Benefits: A staple at top salons, this aromatic formula is enriched with jojoba oil and guar ..
Phyto Phytojoba Intense Hydration Brilliance Shampoo For Dry Hair 200ml
Nurture and soften distressed locks with this aromatic coconut-based shampoo formulated to gently..
Phyto Phytonectar Ultra-Nourishing Brilliance Shampoo
Phyto PhytoNectar Ultra Nourishing Shampoo's creamy formula, brimming with moisturizing and revit..
Phyto Subtil Elixir 75ml
Description: Restores shine and revitalizes. Subtle blend of powerful, beautifying oils,..