Pin Up Setting Lotion 100ml

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Pin Up Setting Lotion 100ml

For the perfect hold, control and management of your wet set, using Pin Up Setting Lotion not only achieves results but gives complete style longevity. Featuring Sun Protectors, Proteins and Conditioners Pin Up Setting Lotion works with the hairs temporary bonds (broken when wet) to affix your roller set in place, but still enabling the hair to be brushed and styled (subsequently) without curl dropping or coated texture. Ideal for use when applying ‘sleeper rollers’, Pin Up Setting Lotion produces smooth tension around each roller for a natural shiny result. For Vintage styling, the setting lotion can also be used (on wet hair) when pin curling for a true 1950’s effect. For a ‘quick set’ on dry hair, simply apply the setting lotion (directly from the bottle) onto each dry section as you wind. Pin Up setting lotion can also be used immediately after perming to achieve your style effect when roller setting and will neither dry or damage the hair. The Pin Up Brand was established in 1945 and for nearly 70 years has been helping people achieve classic style and texture services safely at home. From durable long term permanent curl results to flexible style and vintage looks or home colour application, Pin Up has become a brand synonymous with hair freedom.

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