Argana Authentic Eucalyptus Scented Argan Oil 100ml

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Argana Authentic Eucalyptus Scented Argan Oil 100ml


Fusion of pure Argan Oil and pure Eucalyptus, known for its delicate, exquisite, sensual aroma. First cold pressed using premium quality hand-picked raw kernels, not deodorised, thus ensuring a high quality oil with maximum effect on skin and hair. Naturally rich in Vitamin E and Essential Fatty Acids. Helps nourish, hydrate and protect skin and hair as well as mend and prevent split ends. Renowned for slowing-down skin ageing and neutralising free radicals. Helps minimise appearance of fine lines and scars. An all-rounder that can be applied on face, body and hair after a shower or bath.

How to Use:

[Hair]: To instantly hydrate, protect, and add visible glow to your hair, place 2 - 3 drops of this lightweight oil into the palm of one hand using the pipette provided. Rub your hands together to slowly heat the oil, before applying to clean damp hair. Ensure an even coverage on roots, strands and split ends. [Skin]: Can be applied generously to dry and sensitive areas such as your hands, elbows, heels and knees as required. [Face]: Use sparingly after your morning cleansing routine and allow time to absorb completely before applying make up. Argan oil can also be used before bed to revitalise your face and skin during rest.


100% organic, and cold pressed argan oil with eucalyptus essential oil. Rich In anti-ageing Vitamin E and free from parabens, preservatives, fragrances, additives and colorants. This is a 100% naturally occurring product, produced by hand and gathered sustainably using the fruits of the Argan Tree, found deep on the foothills of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. To protect the oil's healing and restorative properties, it is stored in a brown, opaque glass bottle.

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