PharmaClinix Lightenex® Plus 50ml

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PharmaClinix Lightenex® Plus 50ml


This powerful extra strength formulation has been especially developed to address the problem of very dark & resistant hyperpigmentation.

  • Dioic acid derivative is a powerful inhibitor of Melanin production & penetrates deeply through the epidermal skin layer, giving better & faster results. In addition, the powerful Azelaic acid, Phytic acid & Salicylic acid bleach and exfoliate the skin. 
  • Stronger formulation with sun protection factor SPF15 is included. We recommend using sun blockex® SPF 50 for quicker results.
  • Excellent for dark skins with penetration enhancers. 
  • Deep dermal pigmentation

How to Use:

  • Apply a thin layer on a clean face or body, twice a day.
  • Use a high Sun protection cream after Lightenex® Plus.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes

Keep out of reach of children

Please note:
It is essential to wear a high sun protection cream on top of Lightenex® Plus, e.g. Moisturix® spf 25 or Sun Blockex® spf 50 (total sun block) to avoid further damage from the sun.

Can cause mild irritation & tingling for a few minutes after application.

It is a well known fact that the darker skin toned people use drastic measures in order to lighten skin, but:

  • Do NOT use skin lighteners containing Hydroquinone.
  • Do NOT use bleaching cream containing steroids.

These can cause permanent skin damage including permanent redness, thinning and blood vessel streaks.

  • Do NOT use creams containing mercury as this is a poison.


Azeleic acid

  • Competitive Inhibitor of Tyrosinase & Thio-redoxine reductase.
  • Inhibits Mitochondria & DNA synthesis of hyper-active melanocytes selectively. (Melasma & PIH).
  • Penetrates abnormal melanocytes easily.

Phytic acid (Inositol hexa-kisphosphate)

  • Chelates copper, which is required by Tyrosinase
  • Reduces Oxidation & Inflammation to prevent PIH
  • Mild exfoliant
  • Binds calcium in skin & loosens cell-binding

Licorice (Glabridin, Glabrin, isoliquirtin)

  • Strong tyrosinase inhibitors.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect, by inhibiting super-oxide anion & PGE –E2 formation(Prostaglandin E2).

70% improvement in depigmentation (compared with 20 in  placebo) in a 20 patient split-face study for one month .


Citrus Unshui peel extract 

(Nobiletine, Hesperidin, Tyramine complex)

  • Competitive inhibition of Tyrosinase by Nobilitine
  • Tyramine is a strong substrate competitor of tyrosine

78% melanin inhibition in a 20 patient study

Mulberry extract (Morus nigra)-

form of Arbutin, Contains 9 compound ingredients

  • Anti-tyrosinase activity, greater than Hydroquinone or Kojic acid
  • Mulberoside –F has 4.5 times the activity of kojic acid

Humulus lupus extract  (Xanthumol)

  • Works like cortico-steroids, with effect comparable to Dexamethasone
  • Prevents release of inflammatory cytokines by the keratonocytes, which attach to the melanocytes.

90% inhibition of cytokine signal protein in 6 living human skins.

  • Prevents activation of melanocytes, when skin is treated with UVA & UVB light.

25 patient study showed a significant improvement in 68-72% of patients over 8 weeks in spot morphology.

28 patient study with melasma gave a significant improvement in 46% of patients in 28 days & 71% in 60 days.

Diacetyl boldine & Titanium dioxide

Inhibits melanin synthesis by:

  • Alpha-1 adrenergic antagonism
  • Reducing calcium flow & stablises inactive tyrosinase

96% had significant de-pigmentation in a 28 patient study

Arbutin extract plus Magnesiun ascorbyl phosphate (Melfade)

  • Powerful tyrosinase inhibitor

 40 patient study over 3 months showed 80% greater activity than beta-arbutin

60 patient melasma study showed 2% Melfade as effective as hydroquinone 2%

Dioic acid (Azeleic type dicarboxylic acid)

  • PPAR receptor blocker leads to diminished mRNA transcription of tyrosinase.

96 patient over 2 months study showed Dioic acid 1% to be as effective as Hydroquinone 1%

Salicylic acid

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Prevents Cox 1 & 2 activation, which stimulates the melanocytes.

Anti Oxidants:

  • Mixed tocopherols
  • Ascorbyl palmitate
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Citric acid

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