Skin Doctors Cosmeceuticals 2620 Eye Circle 15ml - Under Eye Circle Reduction

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Skin Doctors Cosmeceuticals 2620 Eye Circle 15ml - Under Eye Circle Reduction

A new lighttodull eyes.
Eyecircleis developed tocombat problemsofpuffiness anddark areason the lower eyelid.
Theproblem is caused bysmallbloodcapillaries thatlayunder the eyeswhere the skinis more fragileandthin.Blood flowbegins to degradeand dark areasappear.
Twoactive ingredients:Haloxyltm<3%andDermawhitetm.
Haloxyltmmatrikineis arevolutionarypeptidethat helps eliminatetheperiorbitalstainingbyeliminatingfragmentation anddegradederythrocytes.It also offersthe added benefitof strengtheningthe density ofthe skin in thisregion.
Dermawhitetmconsists of differentsubstances,whichindicatesWaltheriaextractand a complex offruitacids.This active ingredientis particularly usefulas a bleaching agentand naturalskin softenerand contributestoreduce pigmentation.
Haloxyltmhelps lowerinfraorbitalcirclesthanks to its twomain components, theflavonoidchrysinandN-hydroxysuccinimide.These two substancesallow you to activatethe elimination ofblood-bornepigmentsthatare responsible fordark pigmentation.Specifically,chrysinis responsible forstimulatingUGT1A1 enzyme,whichincreases clearanceof bilirubin,one ofthe waste productsofthedegradation of hemoglobin.
TheN-hydroxysuccinimidehelps theironbecomessoluble, whichallows it to beremovedmore easily.
DermawhiteTMincludingas active ingredientinEyecirclebeen shown to reducetheactivityof melanin.WhileHaloxylTMacts to removeiron stores,DermawhiteTMinhibits tyrosinaseactivity of the pathwayofsynthesis of melanin.

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