Snoreeze Oral Strips X 14

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Snoreeze Oral Strips X 14


Snoreeze Oral Strips are the convenient alternative to Snoreeze Throat Spray. These fast dissolving, mint flavoured strips target the main cause of snoring and are ideal if you tend to snore more when lying on your back.

One of the main causes of snoring is the partial collapse of the soft tissues at the back to the throat. Natural breathing through the airways can produce snoring noise when these tissues vibrate.

Snoreeze Oral Strips are made of a blend of micro-encapsulated ingredients designed to reduce the vibrations that causes the snoring noise. Placed onto the roof of the mouth,

Snoreeze Oral Strips dissolve into the throat tissues and work throughout the night by actively lubricating the tissues that vibrate. The ingredients in the strips tone the tissue that vibrate and cause the snoring noise. Snoreeze Oral Strips have been developed to relieve snoring effectively and give you and your partner a peaceful night's sleep.

How to Use:

1.Simply place a Snoreeze Oral Strip on the roof of your mouth
2.Allow it to dissolve for 20-30 seconds
3.The active ingredients work by coating the tissues at the back of the throat. You can take more than one Snoreeze Oral Strip per night if desired, but one is usually sufficient.


Snoreeze Oral Strips are based on natural active ingredients including:
Peppermint Oil - to improve airflow and tone the tissues
Vitamin E and Sodium Hyaluronate - to moisturise and tone the throat tissues for added comfort
Guar Gum - for added lubrication

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