Dalivit Multivitamin Drops-25ml

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Dalivit Multivitamin Drops-25ml

Once-a-day vitamin drops. No added colours or additives. Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. Contains the 7 vitamins essential for healthy growth in babies and toddlers. The 7 Essential vitamins. With unique built-in hygienic dropper.

How to Use

Infants under one year, 7 drops daily. Older children, adults and elderly, 14 drops daily. Or as directed by your doctor. Tilt bottle to obtain drops.


A dose of 14 drops (0.6ml) provides Vitamin A as Palmitate 5,000 units. D2 Ergocalciferol B.P. 400 units. B1 Thiamine Hydrochloride B.P.1mg, B2 Riboflavine as Na Phosph. B.P.0.4mg, B6 Pyridoxine Hydrochloride B.P.0.5mg, Nicotinamide B.P.0.5mg ,C Ascorcbic Acid B.P 50 mg

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