Lamberts Florisene for Women 90 tablets

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Lamberts Florisene for Women 90 tablets

  • Florisene provides an effective level of iron to correct dietary deficiencies.
  • Florisene also provides a high level of the amino acid L-Lysine, which plays an important role in the absorption and utilisation of iron.
  • Useful for women who eat little red meat (a high source of iron) and menstruating women, where the low iron intake is compounded by the monthly blood loss.

How to Use

Florisene tablets should be swallowed whole with water, half to one hour before food or on an empty stomach. Florisene should be taken at 3 tablets daily for the first six months. Thereafter a maintenance intake of 1 to 2 tablets per day is recommended depending on lifestyle factors such as the type of menstrual loss and red meat consumption.


Vitamin C 24mg • Vitamin B12 • 3µg • Iron (as ferrous glycine sulphate) 24mg • L-Lysine.

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